​​​​401k Setup Solution

Want to invest with clarity and a sense of direction? Here's how to gain the investing literacy to make your money work for you NOW!

Confidently invest in your 401k with a sense of direction and a plan to grow your savings – while minimizing the risk of losing your hard earned money.

  • ​Do you go into ostrich mode whenever investing comes up in conversation? Have you been putting investing off as long as possible, saying you’ll "get to it later" because you find the whole concept scary, confusing, overwhelming and intimidating?    YES
  • ​ ​Do you feel frustrated every time you check your trusty savings accounts and are painfully reminded that your savings is barely growing? Is that stagnant, lack of progress started to grate on your nerves? YES
  • Are you secretly embarassed that you haven’t started investing yet? Is the procrastination turning into legitimate worry about whether you’ll have enough money for retirement or to support your family in the future? YES
  • •Does the idea of putting your hard earned money into investing terrify you? Because you could lose what you have saved if you make the wrong investment decision?YES

Introducing the 401k Setup Solution

​Confusion to Clarity

​Part 1

​401k  Setup Solution

​Part 2

​What's Included?

Session 1

Investor's Mindset

  • Discuss your investing fears and roadblocks so that you can develop strategies to overcome them
  • Apply cash management strategies so that you can put the most money to work for you and minimize idle money that has been earning low returns 
  • Uncover your investing goals so that you are motivated to take action with specific numbers to target
  • Utilize investment calculators so that you can decide how much you can invest each month and see how it impacts your paycheck
  • ​​Explore the Engineered Wealth pyramid so that you know where you are on your investing journey, key areas to focus on for success and immediate steps to take
  • ​​Understand the core pieces of the investing landscape so that you know how to best leverage your money and make it work for you

​Session 2

Terms and Concepts

  • Master the core vocabulary so that you become investing literate and can hold your own in investing conversations
  • Get clarity about what investing is so that you can start growing your assets and creating a foundation for the long term 
  • Walk through examples of new terminology and concepts so that you feel comfortable making decisions on your own
  • Consolidate new terminology and concepts to build a safe portfolio so that you minimize your risk of losing money
  • Learn the proven investing principles so that you can really understanding what you are investing in and why

Session ​3

​Your 401k Strategy

  • Learn how to best use your 401k so that you can build your investing foundation
  •  ​Learn the best places to put your money and how to avoid common mistakes so that you have less fear around investing your money
  • Use calculator to check how you are progressing towards your retirement goal so that you gain awareness
  • Build a portfolio with a clear strategy inside of your specific employer 401k

​Session ​4

Decisions and Maintenance

  • Get a specific list of selection criteria so that you can analyze and select the best investment options available
  • Practice stock analysis so that you can make good investing decisions on your own and have clarity on the decision you make
  • Gain a system for maintaining your account so that it takes minimal time to update and manage of your investments
  • Walk through your investment brokerage website so when you log in you will have a clear idea of what to do and why
  • Know how to read monthly or quarterly statements so you can understand how your investments are performing and monitor their growth

​Why learn from me

  • BS in engineering and MBA in consulting
  • ​​Been self directed investing for over 10 years
  • On the path to early retirement at 45
  • Net worth of over $800k
  • My superpower is translating research into actionable steps
  • I’ve already done all the reading and synthesized it into the principles and practices that work. And that take the least time to maintain. That system is the Engineered Wealth Method

You can be successful at investing, even if...

  • ​​You are not a math or numbers person
  • ​You currently have little to no investing knowledge
  • ​​​You have tried to read investing books, courses or workshops before and were still confused
  • you consider yourself a ‘finance dummy' or 'investment challenged’
  • You don’t have an MBA or a finance degree
  • You don’t want to be professional stock investor
The bottom line is:

401k Setup Solution is the fastest way for you to confidently put your money to work for you without the confusion, frustation and wasted time of trying to figure it out on your own.


​1on 1 



  • ​2 sessions
  • ​Part 2. 401k Setup only

​class of 6 people



  • ​4 sessions
  • ​Part 1. Confusion to Clarity
  • Part 2.  401k Setup


Can I put this off for later? My retirement is a long time from now. I'll cross that bridge of figuring investing out when I get there.

I'm hesistant to pay someone to teach me this.

Can I afford this? Is this worth the money compared to other things I could spend my money on?

I'm not comfortable having someone look at the details of my financial accounts

Can I just have a financial advisor pick my investments for me? Do I need to be the one who learns these skills?

Is this too advanced for me? I don't want to be an investment pro.

I can't decide which package is best for me.

​Our Guarantee

You have nothing to lose. We stand behind the services we sell.

We guarantee you will:

● Understand investing terms and fundamentals

● Have clear steps to follow to set up and manage your 401k investment account

​14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you​ do not achieve the results above, you will have your money refunded, no questions asked. 

You have 14 days after the service is completed to request a refund.

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