​Working Together

You know you are a beginner investor when...

  • You constantly wonder what you should do with additional money that you have
  • You have little to no understanding of what investing is and how you can take advantage of it
  • You are intimidated by investing and get stuck on investing terms when reading
  • You know that your money is earning almost no interest in the bank and that you could do more
  • investing concepts are alien to you and cause your eyes to glaze over or put you to sleep
  • You fear losing your money from investing in the wrong thing
  • You want investing explained to you without feeling embarrassed for not knowing the fundamentals
  • You want to become financially literate, grow your assets and invest.
  • You want your money to make money

The Right Solution for the Right Stage of your Investor's Journey

​Start by understanding where you are


​ $25 - 500/mo

  • Confused, overwhelmed and fearful of investing
  • Haven't started investing yet
  • Don't know what you don't know  
  • ​Building

    ​$25 - 1,500/mo 

    • ​Not sure how to setup your work retirement plan
    • Confused by investment websites



    ● Guessing at how to create a balanced portfolio

    ● Unclear on how to pick between stocks in the broader market



    ● Struggling to maintain asset allocation between multiple investment accounts

    ● Difficulty balancing, managing and tracking investments

    Get Results with the Engineered Wealth Method

    Step 1.  Initiation

    Mental reframing – helping you move past mental roadblocks and reshaping how you think about investing in a safe, judgement free space

    Step 2. Planning

    Layered learning – Presenting this new world of information in a way that is accessible and understandable thru very digestible pieces to minimize overwhelm.

    Step 3. Design

    Investment blueprint – guiding you thru a step by step process to connect the concepts together, keep you focused and avoid mistakes

    Step 4. Implementation

    Strategic implementation – your active participation in applying this knowledge to your finances

    Step 5. ​Closeout

    Maintenance master plan – utilizing best practices for successful, self sufficient investing


    ​Confusion to Clarity

    ​Recommended for Beginning and Building stages

    ​Learn the fundamentals of investing you need to make smart investing decisions in 2-3 hours instead of 30+

    ​​401k  Setup Solution

    Recommended for​ Building stage

    ​Guided system for setting up and maintaining employer offered retirement account

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