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​You want to understand how to start investing

I see you out there hustling in your career. You are young with a stable job and making moves.

But you have a secret. For years, you have been avoiding investing. You’ve been putting it off and avoiding it as long as possible. You tell yourself that you’ll get to it later. In the meantime, you’ve watched your savings stack higher and higher all the while trying to ignore the nagging truth that all that money is earning next to no interest in your savings account. To make it worse, sometimes your friends talk about their investments and you get quiet because you don’t have anything to add to that conversation, so you quietly nod along in low level engagement.

Yes, you have been staying in ostrich mode when it comes to investing, but you have a great reason. That shit feels so scary and so confusing. You are in an ideal position to invest and You know you should start investing because you are not getting any younger. You want to do it. You are not purposefully procrastinating. You just want to make sure you are doing it right. You want to make the right decisions so you don’t lose what you worked so hard to save.

A large part of you wants to move forward and dip your toes into the investing pool, but the other part of you is hella scared, intimidated and confused by investing. Right now, you know little to nothing about the subject. You worked really hard to save your money and it's completely valid to be extremely afraid of losing it, doing it wrong or investing the wrong things.

Liz M.

"I was intimidated by the thought of investing and had a real lack of understanding the basics. I'd consistently been made to feel like I "should know this" and so I hesitated to seek more help. Working with MEW was easy and a great way to get one on one education without the pressure of a financial institution wanting you to make a certain decision. It was simply fact based and never felt like a pitch. There was never any judgement for not knowing or understanding the investment arena; Claudia just has a desire to educate those of us that need the knowledge! Now, I feel more confident navigating my accounts and making decisions about my retirement investments."

Step 1. ​Free Resource

​Investment Contribution Matrix

Convert your idle, low interest savings into consistent investment growth and Grow your investment account values 3, 4 or even 8x higher

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Step ​3. ​Solutions

​Confusion to Clarity

​Recommended for Beginning and Building stages

​Learn the fundamentals of investing you need to make smart investing decisions in 2-3 hours instead of 30+

​401k Setup Solution

​Recommended for ​Building stages

​Guided system for setting up and maintaining employer offered retirement account

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