A Way Out of the Rat Race to Reach Financial Independence

Brrrrng. Brrrrnnngg. Beep. Beep. Beeeeeep.

There goes that alarm again. Time to rush through breakfast and race into the office so you can be there exactly by 8:30am. And of course, try to avoid that look your boss gives you if you rush in 5-10 minutes late.

Horrible right? But everyone’s got to do it right? It’s part of being an adult and joining the working world.


Welcome to the rat race.


Recently, I stumbled on this article that said at 35 years old is when people become disenchanted with the idea of work.

What they really said was that 35 is when you start to hate work.

That same week, I received an email titled ‘What if you didn’t have to work?’ where this blogger talked about her global travel adventures and managing rental properties remotely.


This really made me think. Is the universe trying to tell me something?


Luckily, I don’t hate my job.

BUT the idea of working until I’m 67 sounds to me like being in blue or white collar prison.


No Thanks! HARD PASS.

It’s little reminders like those articles that keep me focused on one of my biggest financial goals… FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.


Maybe I’m crazy or just Caribbean, but pretty much since the day I started working, I had one goal.

And that was to retire by the time I was 50.

Why 50? I couldn’t tell you.

But I knew I didn’t want to work until whatever the ever increasing retirement age* was.


I didn’t want the traditional scenario of being stuck in the rat race for 45+ years.


There’s the slog of getting to work through the rush hour commute.

Morning GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

And then the Monday mornings in the elevator where your random coworker says ‘just another day in paradise’ in response to you saying good morning or how are you.

All these cliché, case of the Mondays sayings…………. (insert eye roll)

It all seems miserable.

So I drafted a plan to make this life goal a reality. A way to make my time living that lifestyle as short as possible.


My visual reminder was this…

Yup, one those motivational posters.

Except mine reads: ‘SUCCESS. There is only one success: To be able to live life in your own way.”

That’s my story. What’s yours?


Early retirement doesn’t have to be your goal.

It can be deciding and more importantly being able to take a major pay cut to take a job that you are truly passionate about. OR to quit your job all together, buy a tiny house and travel across the country with all your belongings hitched behind your car. #hipstergoals


Saving money and investing can be hard. Delaying immediate gratification can be hard. Trying to balance enjoying a YOLO lifestyle with making a plan for the future can be hard.

… is anyone still saying YOLO?


Anyway, What drives you? What’s your WHY?

Take a moment and write down where you want to go. How will you define financial success?

You’ll be amazed how this simple act can reshape how you think and what you think is possible for your life.


*In the 1980s, the official retirement age was 65. That’s how old you had to be before you can collect your full retirement benefits from the government.  As of today, the social security administration says that age is 67. And that number is likely to continue to go up…



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