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I guide beginner investors to simply understand the world of investing so they can grow their money with confidence, clarity and ease


Hi. My name is Claudia and I’m the founder of Ms. Engineered Wealth.

I’m a ride or die South Floridan, 1st generation Caribbean American and was raised in middle class neighborhood.

My parents stressed the importance of education, so I went hard on accumulating degrees and certifications. I have BS in civil engineering, a MBA and I'm a licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Project Manager.

I started Ms. Engineered Wealth because of a number of personal experiences. which started with my own frustrations of not having support or guidance from my community on how to do the financial part of adulting, which left me feeling very abandoned and confused about what to do next.

After 2 failed experiences working with financial advisors and watching mom lose half her pension during 2009 market crash, I decided that I wanted to STOP the cycle and understand how money works.

Fast forward…

I’m a self taught investor and I have been Investing for over 15 years. I have learned to leverage money as a tool to build wealth. And I’ve been able to grow my net worth to almost $800k and I’m on track to retire by 45 implementing proven, low maintenance investment strategies that I teach through the Engineered Wealth Method


What's Next?

I want to understand investing fundamentals

I want to setup an investment portfolio

I want to pick and analyze stocks


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