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Abigail S

"I needed to build general knowledge of how retirement accounts work and learn investment terminology. After doing the investment sessions, I have reallocated my accounts and have set up rebalancing. Now, I also have at least a basic understanding of how to evaluate various funds. The best part was doing the exercises of going through my retirement account funds. With topics I am unfamiliar with, I won't learn unless I do it myself rather than having someone explain it to me. Claudia is great! She is a self-taught wizard who has so much knowledge to impart and is non-judgmental."

Charrise A

"I know very little about finances and investing. I didn’t even have a 401K at 30 years old! And I am an attorney! But Claudia helped me get on track. She helped me stop being afraid to take advantage of pre-tax accounts. She helped me pick out individual funds for investment and helped me map out my new paycheck. I highly recommend her and I will be returning for more advice as I seek to purchase as investment property!"


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