Ready to learn how to make your money make money?

You know you want to be doing more with your money, but you aren’t sure how or where to start.

If you’ve been keeping a stash of cash in a savings account, unfortunately the value of that money is likely decreasing thanks to inflation. A traditional bank savings account provides less than 1% return on your money.

Whereas if you put that same money to work for you in investments, you have the potential of earning much more over time.

Are you confused about which investment funds you should pick in your retirement plan?

You don’t have to continue to struggle or feel frustrated trying to figure out the world of investing on your own.

Don’t stay on the sidelines and out of the market because you are confused or overwhelmed by how to get started with investing.

Investing doesn’t have to be complex.

What you need is a guide and some simple, clear instructions.

I can help you understand the fundamentals. From there, you can create a long term strategy that makes sense for you and that is simple to maintain.

“I was virtually clueless and sort of afraid to dive into investing in an informed way. I had attended a few HR seminars through my job, but they weren’t very informative. Since working with Claudia, I have been able to take ownership in my finances and recognize how money works.”

Danielle A.

I know very little about finances and investing. I didn’t even have a 401K at 30 years old! And I am an attorney! But Claudia helped me get on track. She helped me stop being afraid to take advantage of pre-tax accounts. She helped me pick out individual funds for investment and helped me map out my new paycheck. I highly recommend her and I will be returning for more advice as I seek to purchase as investment property!

Charrise A. Attorney

Investing is one of the ways that you can build wealth and create a nest egg to ensure a comfortable future for yourself and your family.

I can show you how to leverage your existing income to start building appreciating assets and earning better returns.

Topics we can cover together (in person or video conference)

  • Investing fundamentals (building blocks for success)
  • Review your existing employer retirement plan options package
  • How to build a portfolio of individual funds that meets your needs
  • How risks in the market and how to protect against them
  • Maximize how much you contribute to your retirement accounts
  • Setting up automatic investments


You will get out of this…

  • Feel confident making future financial/investing decisions
  • Know how much you can or should save in your retirement accounts
  • Understand the core investing concepts so that you move past fear and become a knowledgeable investor
  • Optimize your contributions, so you make the make the most of your investment savings
  • Understand how to use stock investing to grow your money
  • Learn how to safely play the game
  • I’ll save you time. Know the terms and concepts you need to succeed.
  • Can learn the fundamentals to get started investing for the long term

Ready to get started? Here’s what happens next:

  • Fill out the new client form to give me a better understanding of what you want to tackle first.
  • We’ll schedule the first session
  • Provide a Paypal link to make an initial deposit (50% of total cost)
  • Total cost: 300

Financial coaching is about educating you and empowering you to move forward as a confident independent investor. As a result, I will not do the following:

  • Manage of your funds
  • Recommend specific investments to buy or sell