Are you looking to make improvements in your financial life?

If you are looking for help to:

  • increase your financial literacy,
  • take control of your finances
  • learn how to grow and manage your money,

A financial coach can help you achieve these goals.

Financial coaching will help you quickly learn foundational skills, gain confidence in managing your money, and help you sustain a great quality of life now and in retirement.

Communities of color are often left under served by the financial services industry.

I am here to serve to this group!

Without a strong financial education, it is challenging to know how to accrue and manage your money. This also makes it very easy to fall into common financial pitfalls and struggle to find ways to make the most of your money.

If you find yourself in this boat, it’s not your fault and you aren’t alone.

I help people who aren’t sure how to take advantage of their income because no one ever taught them the principles of personal finance and investing.

The typical scenarios I hear about are feeling or being:

  • Overwhelmed by how to get started
  • Confused by traditional financial language
  • Unable to understand financial tables and charts
  • Worried about making a mistake to the extent that you don’t get started
  • Working with financial professionals that simply don’t listen to you
  • Pressured to buy financial products you don’t understand or don’t want
  • Struggling to understand finance basics on your own through trial and error

The good news is that you don’t have to continue to feel this way.

You can be confident that you are doing the right things with your money.

My job is to give you the information you need to feel empowered in making future financial decisions.

Financial coaching can provide clarity, guidance and an action plan.

Once you understand and apply some basic financial principles, you can achieve financial growth and create the lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of.

Here’s how I can help you move from confusion to confidence!




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