Who Have You Been Comparing Yourself To?

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I’ll tell you a secret…

I’m a fan of a good quote. Maybe that’s a little bit cheesy but I find them inspiring.

I was reading an article the other day and the closing phrase was:

“Don’t measure your success against the success of someone else with a different audience. Measure your success against how well you served content to the people who are in *your* audience.”

Right now, YOU are my audience and I’m here to serve you.

Reading that article immediately reminded me of one of my favorite quotes…

As a type A, very ambitious person, I occasionally fall in the mental trap of comparing my progress or success with that of the people around me.

Thanks to the interweb, it’s so easy to keep tabs on how people around you are progressing through life.

It can happen inadvertently while you scroll through your favorite social media feed or on purpose if you are stalking some internet celebrity. no judgement…

Regardless of how the moment strikes, you have to admit that it’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to the images and stories that you see others presenting about their successes.

You may ask yourself, “Is my position as good? Is my career progressing faster or slower than theirs?”

Fill in your own neurosis or success inferiority complex here…

But the reality is you likely don’t know the context behind that picture or post.

So, if you ever have a moment where you start to question your accomplishments or whether your position in life is good enough.

Take a step back.

Nothing positive comes from comparing yourself to someone else.

Life shouldn’t be a race to the next accomplishment, certification or promotion. Although, I definitely understand how it’s possible to think that way.

You must define success for yourself and then measure your progress against that self-made definition NOT against a success that you are speculating on based on something you saw online or a short conversation in person.

So what’s this have to do with finance or wealth building?


If you’ve ever read posts on my site or any other space online and felt like you don’t have enough (fill in the blank) OR wonder if financial services are for you, you may be falling into this comparison trap.

  • Are you comparing your paycheck amount with that of a friend or a coworker?
  • Do you feel like you don’t make enough OR have a high enough net worth to pay for financial coaching?

There’s no one size fits all for success. BUT I can assure that using someone else’s virtually monitored success should NOT be your measuring stick.

Life’s too short to chase after dreams that aren’t meaningful to you. Make a list of what you value. Base your definition of success around them. #yolo

Then you can work tirelessly towards making that definition a reality!

Good luck on the journey!

And let me know if I can do anything to help you get there.


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