How to Survive the Holidays Without Going Broke

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“Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Cyber Week. Today Only. 6 Hour Only Sale.” This time of year, maybe more than any other time of year, there are tons of ads and commercials.  Everywhere you look is another message about a sale. You can’t escape them. So it’s very easy to get caught up in the melee of holiday shopping. “Some 40% … Read More

What Can Happen Without an Estate Plan

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One of the catalysts that pushed me to start Ms. Engineered Wealth was a documentary film I saw in DC called “Black Heirlooms” that is narrated and directed by Amanda Brown. The film follows the estate planning issues that tore one black family apart upon the passing of the one of their grandparents. The film documents the struggles that ensued … Read More

Beware the Trap of Lifestyle Creep

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In celebration of the 6th annual Women’s Money Week, see this post below about spending to match your income. #WMWeek17 I venture to guess that when you were growing up your parents told you that you needed to get a good education so that when you graduated you could get a great job. So you did just that. Fast forward … Read More