Blog Roundup: Better saving habits; How cash affects happiness

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Image Source: (Rachel Orr/The Washington Post; iStock) Trick yourself into becoming a better saver The biggest hurdle to saving is creating the habit. 22% of consumers have more debt than emergency savings. Here are 5 ways to trick yourself into become a better saver. Prize linked savings accounts (ie, Save to Win) Each time your make deposits to your checking or … Read More

Blog Roundup: Savings apps, active funds

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Photo credit: Hello Digit, Inc Get Rich Slow: breaking down the new wave of savings apps The fintech industry is aimed at helping you save, invest and spend in a cheaper and wiser way through apps. Some of the most popular ones focus on personal savings. Digit moves small amounts of money from your checking account to your digit account. … Read More

In the news: money talks, money managers and millionaires

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Money Talks Every Couple Should Have Discussing money is not a romantic topic but it is the leading cause of stress in relationships. There are basic money talks you should have with your partner. They may be uncomfortable at first, but being open and honest about money can lead to a happier, healthier, successful partnership. A list of basics you … Read More