Why You Need an Emergency Fund

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The other day, I left my house on a bright weekday afternoon to run a quick errand and I was greeted by this… As you can imagine, I can’t say that I was in any way pleased… but I do live in transitional neighborhood, so I’m learning to be prepared for the unexpected. After my initial shock, I’d say my … Read More

Top 3 Spending Priorities

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  Part of truly getting a handle on your finances is learning to prioritize what’s important to you and what you feel is worth spending your money on. One thing is for sure, you can NOT afford everything.  A lot of personal financial management is acknowledging and implementing trade-offs in how you spend your hard earned money. Making trade-offs doesn’t … Read More

The Impact of Applying the 1% Rule

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In honor of the 6th annual Women’s Money Week, see this post below about investing. You may hesitate to put any amount of money away into a retirement account. Maybe you are thinking ‘where the hell is this money going? I don’t understand investing or how markets work. Why can I just use it now, while I’m young?” I get … Read More

A Simple Decision Makes a BIG Difference

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In celebration of the 6th annual Women’s Money Week, see this post below about retirement investing. #WMWeek17 Gone are the days of the pension plan. Most employers have decided that it’s the responsibility of the employees to provide for themselves in retirement. That’s partially because pension plans are essentially unsustainable. When you start working, there’s typically a window of 30-60 … Read More