Beware the Trap of Lifestyle Creep

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In celebration of the 6th annual Women’s Money Week, see this post below about spending to match your income. #WMWeek17 I venture to guess that when you were growing up your parents told you that you needed to get a good education so that when you graduated you could get a great job. So you did just that. Fast forward … Read More

Who Have You Been Comparing Yourself To?

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I’ll tell you a secret… I’m a fan of a good quote. Maybe that’s a little bit cheesy but I find them inspiring. I was reading an article the other day and the closing phrase was: “Don’t measure your success against the success of someone else with a different audience. Measure your success against how well you served content to … Read More

Portrait of a Typical American Millionaire

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Remember when you were young and $10 or $20 seemed like a bunch of money. You could stretch that money for a whole afternoon of fun (like the movies or the arcade). Good times… As you grew up, the costs of what you wanted to purchase grew up too. After bills and student loans, there are all kinds of products … Read More

Moving your Retirement Funds when you Switch Jobs

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In honor of the 6th annual Women’s Money Week, see this post below about investing. Like many millennials, I’m a bit of a notorious job hopper. Because I’ve had the pleasure of working for more than just one company, there’s no gold watch in my future. There’s a wide variety of reasons for switching jobs: to find a position or … Read More