A business to provide the benefits of financial services to the people and communities that are typically not served by the financial services industry.
I provide you clarity to your financial questions in a simple and understandable manner. Through the blog, I provide quick financial tips and new information. With paid services, I provide recommendations to solve your specific problems. Then I help you to prioritize those recommendations for what is most important to you and provide step by step actions to implement them.
I do not have minimum asset or net worth requirements. I work with underserved millennials. For example, first generation Americans, young professionals, LGBTQ, etc.
My personal finance and investing expertise is self taught. I have used the methods that I learned and I have successfully applied them to significantly grow my net worth. After working together:

  • You’ll have a roadmap so you can live the lifestyle you want.
  • You’ll feel confident and competent and no longer overwhelmed.
  • The peace of mind in knowing you’ve taken the right steps to be in control of your financial future.
My job is to make your life better and easier by making personal finance accessible and understandable to the point that you feel empowered to take action in making positive changes in your financial life. I’m not going to overwhelm you with tables, charts and graphs. I focus on the specific needs of each client and understand the behavioral biases that impact investment decisions. I create plans that align with your priorities instead of applying  standardized and formulaic advice that may not work with your situation. Lastly, I am passionate about educating my community so that they can take control of their financial life!
I believe in low expense, buy and hold index investing. I follow tried and true methods that track the market instead of chase down incremental gains to try to beat the market.
All the pricing for the services offered are stated on each service page. I am a fee-only planner. I don’t sell financial products nor do I make money by recommending products that I pay me a sales commission.
Contact me to setup a FREE 30 minute exploration session to discuss your goals, needs and how I can best help you.