Financial Education for Communities of Color

Helping you increase your financial IQ, close the racial wealth gap and build a financially stable life


Spending Plan

Master your spending habits, so you can reach your financial goals faster.

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Hourly Consulting

Get individualized guidance on a specific question.

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Investing Fundamentals

Learn how to invest in your 401k, 457 or other employer offered plan.

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What Others are Saying

  • “With my initial session with Claudia, she was able to change my perspective on why saving is so crucial to my financial future. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of what drives my spending impulses, Claudia imparted valuable financial keys which are practical and effective to implement in my daily life. Being the typical millennial with a baggage of student loan debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, I was able to learn how to develop a financial budget to meet my needs while preparing for my retirement which never seemed possible.”

    – Theresa

  • “I know very little about finances and investing. I didn’t even have a 401K at 30 years old! And I am an attorney! But Claudia helped me get on track. She helped me stop being afraid to take advantage of pre-tax accounts. She helped me pick out individual funds for investment and helped me map out my new paycheck. I highly recommend her and I will be returning for more advice as I seek to purchase as investment property!”

    – Charrise

How we can help you

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    Gain Confidence

    Know that you are making the right financial decisions

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    Financial Literacy

    Have the knowledge to understand and master how to grow your money and avoid common mistakes

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    Save Time

    Skip all the hours of self-teaching and mistakes via trial and error

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    Money Making Skills

    Learn how to accumulate assets and increase your net worth

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    Become empowered

    Move you from being stagnant to taking action in leveraging your income to create wealth

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    Increased Awareness

    Learn about your personal relationship to money and avoid behavioral finance traps

Why Ms. Engineered Wealth?

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Our Approach


Get to the root of how you make financial decisions and avoid traps of behavioral bias.

Simplicity & Clarity

We don’t use jargon and we answer questions in ways that are accessible and understandable.


We address any questions that you have. Show you resources and tools, so that you can take action and make progress.

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