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create a positive relationship with money and learn to Use money as a tool to create a financially stable life

Gain Confidence

Gain the money management skills to make financial decisions that move you toward quickly achieving your goals

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Enjoy a stress free life, using the strategies and systems to leverage your income to build sustainable wealth

With my initial session with Claudia, she was able to change my perspective on why saving is so crucial to my financial future. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of what drives my spending impulses, Claudia imparted valuable financial keys which are practical and effective to implement in my daily life. Being the typical millennial with a baggage of student loan debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, I was able to learn how to develop a financial budget to meet my needs while preparing for my retirement which never seemed possible.

Theresa D. - Nurse Practioner

I know very little about finances and investing. I didn’t even have a 401K at 30 years old! And I am an attorney! But Claudia helped me get on track. She helped me stop being afraid to take advantage of pre-tax accounts. She helped me pick out individual funds for investment and helped me map out my new paycheck. I highly recommend her and I will be returning for more advice as I seek to purchase as investment property!

Charrise A. - Attorney

I was fearful of how badly I managed money in the past. I had no real objective for what my money could actually do. After working with Claudia, I have had a mindset shift in how I think about money and the way I look at it.

I appreciated her ability to explain things in PLAIN English and that she doesn’t have a judgmental tone about any of the information that she delivers.

If you hire Claudia, your experience and attitude towards money will change and grow for the better. You can feel confident in taking control over the way you see money.

Danielle A. -

I know how confusing and overwhelming making sense of your personal finances can be, especially when there was no one to teach you. so you are left to struggle, make mistakes and figure it out on your own.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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I will listen to your current needs and suggest the plan that works best for you

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3. Coaching Sessions

You will learn the money skills you need to confidently take action on reaching your financial goals

Our Agreement with You


There are no dumb questions. You will not be judged nor feel ashamed for mistakes from the past


Financial concepts are explained using simple, plain language


You will be provided clear examples and actionable steps


What happens if you walk away?

If you do nothing, nothing stays the same.

The money issues, question or concerns you have just exacerbate. You will either stay financially stuck or the problems you have avoided will continue to get bigger.

Dealing with money is something that you can’t avoid because it’s an integral part of everyday.

I’m here to help you:

  • avoid making bad decisions or mistakes could have been avoided
  • to save you time instead of guessing and struggling with trial and error
  • get rid of the stress, frustration and confusion you feel
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